Choosing A Digital Photography Green Screen

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Just to confuse you, a green screen can also be blue in color. But either way, they serve the same purpose: to provide a bland background that you can easily substitute for other special effects.

Your choice of color will mainly depend on the color of the other things in your photo… 

For instance, if you are photographing a group of Navy personnel then you would use green but Army camouflage gear would mean you’d use blue.

If all other things are equal, choose a green screen.

Whilst you can make your own screen out of regular material, it’s probably easiest to buy a screen. They’re readily available on sites like eBay and Amazon for  surprisingly little cash.

Then it’s time to take your shot.

Make sure the green screen more than fills the background of your shot. And make sure that you have good lighting – a couple fluorescent tubes works well for this, especially if you get the ones that emulate natural sunlight.

Now you’ve got your green screen digital photo, what next?

You need to get rid of your green background. How you do this will depend on your software but there should be a freehand selection tool somewhere on your menu. In Paint Shop Pro, this has an option for “Smart Edge” which is sometimes smart and sometimes less smart but it’s a start. In Photoshop, look for the magnetic lasso which does the same thing.

Once you’ve got your main image selected, you’re free to copy and paste it onto your new chosen background.

Make sure you’re unlikely to be interrupted while you’re doing all this – it’s quite painstaking, especially the first few times you try it.

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