The Creative Art Of Fine-Tuning Your Photos With Photoshop Elements

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Because of the latest technology, capturing unforgettable moments have now become very easy. Besides digital cameras, cell phones now come with built-in cameras that make it easier to take images and preserve these precious moments. But what about those pictures that you have taken way before digital cameras became an asset?

Lots of people can get really frustrated and disappointed with numerous photos taken with still cameras because of the low quality of the photo. Even if you\’ve managed to find the disadvantages and have them reprinted, if the pictures were poorly taken to begin with, having it reproduced will be worthless. But that does not mean to say that these couldn\’t be salvaged. Using easy elements of Photoshop, you\’d be able to improve the quality of the photos and keep the memories alive.

Below are a few great ways to fine-tune your images with easy elements from Photoshop:


You look fabulous in your high school prom image, but you would rather forget that guy standing right next to you. By using the crop tool, you can keep a copy of your high school prom image sans your ex-sweetheart. After scanning the picture and opening the file in your Adobe Photoshop, drag the cursor while holding down the left button on your mouse to pick the area that you want to keep. Then simply click Picture and select Crop. You will be left with the chosen area of the photo which you have highlighted.

Repairing the Angles

If your little child tried to take an image and it came out slightly tilted, you can realign it so that it comes out straight. Just choose the measuring tool located in your menu toolbar on the left side of your screen. Click on one horizon of the image that you\’d like to realign and then dragging it the cursor to the other end. This would fix up any minor misalignments. If it still looks a bit off, click the canvas option and rotate it on the canvas until you\’re satisfied with it. The software will automatically expand the canvas to fill in the empty spots.

Colour Touch Ups

If the lighting caused the photo you took to come up a tad bit too orange, you can also remedy this by adjusting the colors on the photo. Go to Image then choose Adjustments and then Color Balance. It would open up a menu that would permit you to repair the colors of the picture. Just drag each cursor right or to the left. Since Photoshop has a preview feature, it\’d permit you to see the changes as you drag the cursors to help you make the picture come as close as how you remember it.


The most common of all photos taken by film cameras is that sometimes they tend to look a bit blurred. To enhance the details of the shot, select the sharpen feature in the Filter option on menu bar. The software will automatically sharpen the details of the image a bit at a time. Continue the entire process until you are pleased with the details of the whole image.

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