Buying A Digital Camera Under 100 Dollars

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Acquiring a digital camera under 100 dollars may be the right thing to do if you start with photography and want to take everyday pictures. You really need to understand what your needs are.

Yet, buying a cheaper camera means that many features found in higher end camera will not be available. The image will also be of lower quality. In the end, the lower price may not offset the many options that you will not have. On the other end, if you are looking for a very portable camera, the ones under 100 dollars can be a good choice since they are usually quite small.

For those looking for professional-like capabilities, a camera in this price range will not do the job. Even if you rely on a photo editing software to retouch your photos, you will not get the results that professionals have. Whether you take pictures in the nature, during sports events or at a wedding, the quality will always be low.

This does not mean that there all the digital cameras under $100 are of bad quality. Even if they lack some more advanced features, they will do a good job to capture the memorable moments during family events, sightseeing and any other important moments.

Most companies offer at least one model in this price range. There is a very wide variety and, you can look at Fujifilm Finepix, Kodak Easyshare, Olympus, Samsung Digimax, Nikon Coolpix, Canon PowerShot, HP Photosmart, Panasonic Lumix, Polaroid, Casio Exilim and Sony Cybershot. To facilitate your decision, you can go on some websites who help you compare the models. This helps to compare the various features and prices.

Knowing how and in which conditions you take pictures help identifying the features on a camera that you will really need. If need a camera to double as a camcorder sometimes, you will have to pick a model that comes with some video capabilities.

Also keep in mind that sometimes, you will be too far away to really get a good shot of the object that you want to photograph. In those cases, you will need a camera with some zoom.

It is also important to think about internal memory. In most digital cameras, it is possible to add an additional memory card to easily increase the space that you have for pictures on your camera. If you use a separate memory card, you can plug it into your computer to transfer the pictures. Otherwise, some software help your transfer the files to your computer.

If you need more compactness, you can get a memory card with a micro SD card that can be put in a flash drive. You may also be able to use the micro SD card to upload pictures on your computer or phone. Ultimately, buying a digital camera under 100 dollars will meet your needs if you are not looking to make professional photography.

William L Odom is a passionate photographer with a background in the educational sector. In addition to assisting pupils on how to take professional pictures, such as which hitech filter to use and when, William exposes his pupils to the business world of photography.

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