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Having a digital camera these days is just like owning a mobile phone, computer, or tablet. People have come to realize the importance of having one and that\’s mainly because being able to capture and store memories has never been this easy before. While we have always been fascinated by the entertainment and convenience in communication brought by gadgets like laptops and smart phones, digital cameras are actually very advanced in terms of technology as well and they too are becoming an essential part of one\’s gadget collection. However, shopping and purchasing the perfect or ideal digital camera is not a walk in the park. Keep in mind that there are more than a hundred brands and each brand offers various different models. Now each of these models and units has different and distinctive features and specifications, but the question is, should you really need all those features? If not, then what should you be looking out for in a digital camera? Below is a technical guide on what generally to look for.

First on the shopping list for specs and features is the sensor. It\’s actually considered by many as the foremost and most important attribute to consider when you are aiming for a high-quality image from your camera. While there is actually no single effective technique or determinant on the kind of image quality a digital camera offers, a bit of knowledge about sensors will enable you to choose the perfect one for your photo needs. By definition, the camera sensor is the chip found inside the camera which is in turn covered by light sensitive pixels. The sensor grabs light through the use of the lens and in the process, converts the same into what is now called a digital image. It should be pointed out that larger pixels are more sensitive than smaller ones and because of that, it is a well accepted fact that choosing a larger sensor means getting a better image and photo quality.

Aside from the sensor, another integral part of digital cameras is the video. In the past, photo cameras were separated from video cameras, but today, they are integrated into one single device. The quality of the video has become a notable standard when choosing a brand. Most of the time, the kind of video quality in your digital camera must be good enough for direct uploading to YouTube. Hence, for a casual user, there\’s no need to buy a separate video camera for enjoying moments in seconds.

Next, have a look at the shutter speed which is the feature that determines the time that passes in between the press of the button for taking a picture and the actual taking of the picture. However, you should be reminded that most digital cameras have significantly slow shutter speeds. In fact, the usual consequence of focusing when the button is pressed can prolong the delay for a few seconds. As a result, there\’s a good chance that you will not get the kind of image you have seen when you pushed the button to take the picture. Instead you get a slightly different version as the subjects may have likely moved or have been altered during the delay. So if you are really particular about that, then you must get a camera that features a faster shutter speed.

After shutter speed, another important feature that is becoming a necessity for digital cameras these days is connectivity, hence finding something that has both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, aside from USB. The purpose is to give you additional connectivity features and software updates through the web. For instance, you can directly upload the images you\’ve taken using Wi-Fi or perhaps print photos using a Bluetooth-capable printer.

So those are practically the things you need to initially consider when purchasing a digital camera. However, remember that those aren\’t the only things you need to consider. There are other important things like camera flash, memory, compact built and size, and of course, the price.

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