Looking For The Best Consumer Nikon DSLR?

banner1 Looking For The Best Consumer Nikon DSLR?
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Nikon is by far one of the most well trusted and well known brands of cameras on the planet today. The quality of digital cameras that they have on the market is one of the best out there, in terms of photo quality and overall performance. We will be giving you a list of the best rated Nikon cameras below and our recommendation.

The Nikon D3100

This camera is designed for the beginner in mind and because of this, very user-friendly. Its unique selling proposition is that there is a Guide mode that gives on-screen advice, both graphically and by written words to explain the more jargon-related terms.

The 14.2MP DX sensor in the D3100 also allows excellent quality pictures to be taken, as well as enabling the user to shoot full high definition 1080 movies. The back screen of the camera can also be used to preview of the intended shot and the optical viewfinder is also helpful in framing a shot.

The Nikon D5100

The D5100 is considered to be the mid-range of consumer DSLR cameras, despite having the same 16.2MP DX sensor as that of the higher end D7000 camera. The chief difference between these cameras however is that the D7000 has better handling and grip areas overall.

This digital camera also has a variable angle screen which enables the photographer to take pictures from a wide range of angles. The special effects already found in this camera, such as the silhouette, miniature and selective color effects can be used to enhance pictures or still and high definition movies.

The Nikon D90

Even though this line of camera is slightly antiquated, this is still a reliably good camera and is on sale for a very affordable price.

It also happened to set a precedent a few years ago when it was a the first DSLR camera to have HD movie shooting capability (720p). Its 12.3MP DX sensor is also able to take high quality photos with ease. Although not as great as the more modern cameras, the D90 is not a camera that you can easily ignore.

The Nikon D5200

This digital camera is recommended for the more enthusiast photographer who wants more than just an entry-level camera as well as a camera that is convenient and provides plenty of options.

This is also an excellently built camera, which can take images with ample detail in addition to good noise control. However, pictures taken above ISO above 3200 will have some banding evident.

The Nikon D3200

The logical improvement to the D3100, the Nikon D3200 features the better 24.2MP CMOS sensor and has the same processor as the one found in the professional Nikon D4.

Despite the bells and whistles, the D3200 has kept the beginner friendly Guide mode with some enhancements to these modes as well. Noise is well controlled on this camera, especially between ISO ranges of 100 to 6400. One small disadvantage is that the color may not be accurately displayed on the camera screen.

The Nikon D7000

The D7000 is considered to be almost at the professional range, and consequently, has the biggest price tag of these cameras.

Although the sensor of the D7000 can also be found in the cheaper D5100, it has a stronger and more stable build making it more resistant to damage from the environment. It also has some very useful perks, such as a 100% optical viewfinder, a 39 point autofocus ability, a fast frame per speed (6ps) and can withstand up to 150,000 cycles.

The best consumer cameras of all of these is the Nikon D3200 since it can be used by the complete beginner as well as having sophisticated enough enhancements to be happily used by a more seasoned photographer. At any rate, the best camera for your needs should be based on your intentions, the amount of time you have at your disposal and obviously how much you are willing to spend on a good quality camera.

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